Friday, April 09, 2010

Why a "National Tea Party Foundation" is a Bad Idea - Dana Loesch

Writing at her blog, The Dana Show, radio talk show host and blogger Dana Loesch is right to say that a national tea party federation would be a bad idea:

"We have elections we should be focusing on; we allow ourselves to become distracted by taking the bait and focusing our efforts on battling state-run media rhetoric. It doesn’t matter if there is a group, a leader, a whatever, the opposition will say what it’s going to say and it’s bad strategy to let them define the narrative. You validate by organizing strictly to combat that. The various sovereign tea party groups around the country have done a fantastic job so far of handling themselves and speaking for themselves. Every person in this movement is a leader, a founder. Take ownership and you work harder for it. The independence is the spirit of the awakening."

I agree with Dana. To set something like this up would be to fall into the same old trap (or trying to kick the same old football) that conservatives always fall into, getting forced into playing defense. The most recent example is how the GOP started reflexively apologizing for the alleged spitting at and calling of the "n" word to Congressmen John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver, a charge they've almost certainly made up given that with all the video cameras that were rolling at the time and capitol police around never picked it up once, let alone 15 times. this is how the left creates and keeps control of the narrative. It is not a good idea to give them a target to go all Alinsky on. The TEA parties are doing just fine without a central organization, thank you very much. As Dana says, the dispersed nature of the movement is a feature, not a bug.
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Shawn said...

I agree. The Tea Party needs to remain a Grass Root's endeavor. I thought the "national rally" a few months ago was a shameless cash-in by people who had no real claim to ownership as it was.

Also, who are the people who're going to get put in places of 'direction' for this? How much do you want to bet they'd be people who would walk hat-in-hand to the GOP and sell out the movement?