Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Republican Staffer and Boyfriend Assaulted, Put in Hospital by Left Wing Mob. MSM Reaction; Crickets

I first heard of this story through GatewayPundit last week. A 25 year-old female fundraiser, Allee Bautsch for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jihndal and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, were chased down and assaulted by a mob of left-wing protestors after leaving a Southern Republican Leadership Conference fundraiser at a popular French Quarter restaurant in New Orleans. The pair were put in the hospital, she with a severely fractured leg and he with a broken jaw and nose. Bautsch required surgery to repair four fractures, which required metal rods.

For weeks we have been hearing from the state-controlled MSM about the violent, racist, dangerous Tea Party movement, despite the fact that there have been no verifiable incidents of violence from the movement at all. When there finally is a violent incident, from the left, the MSM is completely silent. You see, it doesn't fit the narrative. They should be ashamed, but I doubt they are capable of feeling it.

Scott McKay has a great round-up of the latest over at at Pajamas Media today. Go and read it here
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