Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is There Rhyme of Reason to Obama's Foreign Policy?

Victore Davis Hanson isn't really sure.

"During the 2008 campaign, the Obama group argued that Bush & Co. were insensitive to allies and had acted in clumsy, unilateral fashion, permanently damaging our stature in the world. Given the first 15 months of foreign policy in the new administration, we can see now that Obama's critique largely meant that we had damaged relations with supposed belligerents like Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela — inasmuch as right now, British, Colombian, Czech, German, Honduran, Indian, Israeli, Japanese, Polish, and South Korean leaders might privately prefer the good "bad" old days of the supposed cowboy Bush. All of which raises the question: Why Obama's shift in foreign policy? I offer four alternatives, uncertain of the answer myself."

Click through and read the whole thing. Frankly, my money is on "d".
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Shawn said...

You should add a choice E, the "Sarkozy option."

That is, Obama is just flippin' insane. That's what the French President is on the record as believing. He has more knowledge of him than most of us.

Brother J said...

That's definitely a possibility that shouldn't be discounted, Shawn.

FogMan said...

I like both D and E.
Do I win a new car?

Brother J said...

I'm sure we can find you a gently used Yugo somewhere, or a Government Motors model of some sort....