Sunday, December 27, 2009

Caught Green-Handed: More on Climategate/Climaquiddick by Viscount Monckton

Lee Gerhard gave us the Cliffnotes version of the Climategate/ Climaquiddick scandal, now Lord Christopher Monckton gives us the long version, and it is an absolutely devastating indictment of all those involved. There is more than one person who ought to go to prison over this.

This is a coincidence but in the interests of disclosure, I took a course in Climatology as part of my degree program back around 1980 or 1981 (IIRC) and my professor for the course was none other than Raymond Bradley, co-author of the "hockey stick" paper with Michael Mann and Malcolm Hughes. Back then we were being warned of the soon-to-be-here Ice Age. This is a fact that only came to my attention recently as Mann tends to be the one that gets all the press whenever the hockey stick comes up.

(h/t to Frank)
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