Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vodkapundit's Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

I think it might be wise to add reading blogs about food to grocery shopping to the list of things not to do when you are hungry.

The Vodkapundit, Stephen Green, posted a list of components and detailed assembly instructions for constructing the Ultimate Turkey Sandwich right here. Of course, not one to leave a recipe unmolested alone, I had to add some thin-sliced Tillamook Special Reserve extra sharp cheddar. As he noted in an update, Science makes the claim that adding a layer of rare roast beef can't be done, a claim that has obviously not been peer-reviewed, as I have just successfully done it, along with a little horse radish too. I have photographic proof as well:

The photos are all that survive as the test article was subsequently destroyed devoured.

Update: Whoa! What's this? Not an Instalanche. A Vodkadeluge maybe? Thanks for the link, Steve. For anyone that's getting tired of turkey, you may want to check out my chili recipe too.

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Joe Tetreault said...

A stunning achievement. Well done, sir. These photos will be analyzed so that others may revel in this remarkable sammich!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - missing two key ingredients for a truly ultimate Turkey sandwich: gravy-soaked stuffing and cranberry sauce. These are only easily available post-Thanksgiving, making it all themore special.

Brother J said...

Thanks, Joe.

Anon @ 2:22, you have a good point there, but if I tried to get any more in that sandwich I'd never have gotten into my mouth. That would have been a tragedy. :-)

Megan B-G said...

Alfalfa sprouts add a deliciously nutty je-ne-sais-quoi to the sandwich-eating experience.

tim maguire said...

Maybe "can't be done" was overstating the case. Maybe, like artificial black holes, they can be made in the proper controlled setting, they just don't last very long.

Brother J said...

"add a deliciously nutty je-ne-sais-quoi "

I don't know what that means. Translation? :-)

Nichevo said...

Hey, where's the raw data? I suppose you cooked it!