Friday, November 06, 2009

Democrats Interested In Self-Preservation: Maybe It's Time to Start Shopping for a New Speaker

In The Washington Examiner today, Byron York talks about the space between a rock and a hard place many Democrat congressmen find themselves in ahead of a probable vote on their Speaker's health bill tomorrow: Pelosi's wrath or contsituents anger. They would do well to remember this point:

'It's a bad choice. But in the end, Pelosi can't fire them. The voters can. "As the old saying goes, cross thin ice at your own peril," said 77 year-old Herbert Rosser, who came to the rally from Raleigh, N.C. "The American people are going to make them pay a price for it."

It seems to me as if none of them is looking at a third option. If their Speaker keeps putting them in no-win situations like this, maybe she is not the leader they need. Perhaps it's time for a vote of no-confidence in Nancy Pelosi and her iron-fisted, my-way-and-your-constituents-be-damned, autocratic rule. To be more succinct, throw the malevolent bitch out before she takes down both you and your party.
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