Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climategate - What Does It Portend for the Future of the AGW Debate?

Brian Mickelthwaite has a lengthy post over at Samizdata on what the implications are for the Global Warming debate in the wake of "Climategate." He is, like me, encouraged that the fog of BS surrounding the subject might finally lift. Here is a key point:

"Why the fuss is because of the vast, globe-spanning policy conclusions that have been plucked from these in themselves rather minor deceptions. The fraud revealed isn't just in the fiddling of some numbers. There is also the faking of that precious scientific consensus that has so dominated public and official thinking about climate and climate policy during the last decade. The world is being sold a gigantic economic and political upheaval, backed by the claim that all this scientific rough-and-tumble, this slightly dodgy infighting, was in fact a blandly uniform scientific consensus. And the "scientists" (who more and more now look like politicos who have barged their way into science) are the engineers of this political fraud, not just the contrivers of the scientific opinions around which they have assembled their bogus consensus."

It's worth the time to read the whole thing.
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