Monday, February 02, 2009

Powerline on Obama: "Let Them Eat Steak"

That's the post title here. Dozens of people in Kentucky have died due to the icy weather of last week yet. It took 5+ days for FEMA to make an appearance and as far as I know, President Obama has yet to say a thing about it, let alone take any action, such as declaring it a disaster area.
"Many on the web--but no one in the mainstream media--have commented on the fact that Obama has not even pretended to do anything about the massive ice storm that has disabled much of Kentucky and neighboring states. It took days for FEMA to swing into action. Why is that not a scandal? Days went by before Kentucky's governor called out the National Guard. Why did no one blame Obama for failing to call out the Guard sooner? Probably because he lacks the constitutional power to do so; but the Constitution hasn't changed since 2005."
If this had happened on George W. Bush's watch, he'd have been pilloried in the press, despite the fact that first response is a primarily local responsibility, but President Obama gets a complete pass. One of the Instapundit's readers sums it up nicely:
"What Katrina taught the media was that they could hurt Bush by lying. What 2008 taught them was that they could help Obama by not reporting at all. What will 2009 teach them? I shudder to think."
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