Monday, February 09, 2009

Milton Friedman Reminds Us That "Greed" Is Good

(via Instapundit)

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Anonymous said...

um, he didn't say "greed is good," milton friedman simply acknowledged that it exists, at that NO political system is immune to it. greed is a human failing. what he did say is that people pursue thier own self interests - this it not the same as saying that greed is good. do people advocate for themselves? yep. do people try to work hard to further thier careers, or pursue some goal? yep. to deny such is refusing to see people as is. i am sure mr phil donahue had to be pretty ambitious to rise to through the competitive ranks for the media world. for him to act so smug, as if he didn't have to elbow his way to the top is ridiculous.

Brother J said...

You're correct, Anon, that he didn't say the words, "greed is good." However, he was responding to the interviewer's question, "is greed a good thing to run on?" I'm taking his answer as an affirmative.

Actually, I had some more to say on the nature of greed here: , if you're interested.