Thursday, February 19, 2009

PItchforks, Torches, Tar and Feathers.

Decisions, decisions. I may be joining a few people for a trip to Washington DC soon and was wondering whether I should take one of these four tine pitchforks:

Or this nine tine beauty:

I suppose the nine tine would be more likely to jam on a rib. I'm thinking I'd best go with the four tine. Does anyone with a little more experience with these outings have any advice?

I also need to research tar (low or high viscosity?), feathers (or goose down, and what sort of loft), and to complete my packing list, torches.

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1 comment:

Erick said...

If you get the 4 tine, I'll get a nine. Best if we use the low viscosity tar. Too many rascals and will be easier to slosh on them if a we use the low visous tar. Bring lotsof it, their are hundreds of 'em.