Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whinge - HP Health Check Drives Me Crazy

I am writing this on an HP laptop. One of the maintenance applications that came with it is HP Health Check. This runs every so often and checks to see if there are any software or driver updates for installed components/basic utility programs on the computer. This is a good thing, but unlike Microsoft Update, which automatically installs routine updates in the background and lets you know when it has finished the HP updates require you to install each and every one manually, making you read and accept a EULA for each and every one and sometimes that is half a dozen or more updates.  I mean really, why is it necessary to have a EULA for a routine update to software you already have installed? Who do they think actually reads the damn things? This manual installation process becomes very laborious and distracts me from writing brilliant and insightful blog posts (now you know why they're so lame. It's HP's fault) as the updates keep clamoring for attention.

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