Friday, July 09, 2010

The Business of Government - Doctor Zero Has Some Thoughts

Over at Hot Air, Doctor Zero has some thoughts on what he calls "the business of government" in light of the revelation this week that NASA's primary mission is now, according to its Administrator, Charles Bolden, Muslim Outreach. Hardly what one would thinkg of as even an afterthought to NASA's mission, let alone a top priority. Unfortunately, NASA's loss of focus is not limited to itself. Government at all levels and in every department and agency suffers from the same sort of mission creep. Doc Z blames it on the conversion "of limited authority, granted through reason, into a limitless moral imperative." Once that happens, he says:

"The transformation from reasoned limitations to moral authority allows the State to abandon logic in the application of fundamental rights, such as property rights. If the State respected the property rights of all citizens equally, it could not exist in its current form. Redistribution would be impossible. A government restrained by reason would be expected to complete its tasks quickly and efficiently, like a private contractor. Its agencies would be terminated for failure, freeing up resources to be allocated elsewhere. Instead, the crusading government brings us trillion-dollar Wars on Poverty that don’t reduce poverty, trillion-dollar stimulus bills that don’t stimulate anything, and massive departments blending into a Rorschach inkblot of mission creep. None of its agencies will ever complete an assignment, and no amount of money we give it will ever be enough.

That is why we need to stand up and say no to government without limits and return to the principals of limited government as envisioned by the Founders.

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