Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why It's Good to be King, or Why Government Workers Are Feeling No Pain

Via Instapundit we have this post from Donald Sensing, "Government's new motto: It's good to be king!". In it, he talks about some recent stories in the Washington Times and USA Today (links from Donald's post) that show how the average government worker now makes more than the average private sector worker, by a significant margin, has better benefits and almost iron-clad job security and why this is important. Here is the main point:

"First, government at almost all levels is growing like unchecked cancer, and spending along with it. Last month's deficit of $221 billion was 37 percent larger than the entire year's deficit of 2007 of $161 billion. But government does not produce wealth. Government is funded only by reducing the wealth of the country. Government must be funded, of course, but every dollar exacted from the people is a dollar lost to economic activity. Government does buy things, of course, but except for the military there is no economic activity the government does that is not or could not be done in the private sector. Quite simply, the government has no money of its own." [emphasis mine]

Read the whole thing, of course.

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