Sunday, March 07, 2010

Quote of the Day from Samizdata

Samizdata is providing me with plenty of  blog-fodder today. In fact, I'll call the latest post there the  Take Me to Your Lizard Quote of the day.  Here's a great insight on the nature of the internet from Brian Micklethwait:
"The internet adds up to a brilliant bunch of reviewers, a brilliant bunch of critics, and a brilliant bunch of editors, brilliant meaning whatever you think brilliant means. It corrects errors. It draws your attention to things that on your own you would have entirely missed. It plants numerous flags and banners in that "wasteland". It filters data relentlessly, to suit all intellects and tastes. A "wasteland of unfiltered data" is exactly what it is not."
That is exactly how it functions for me.

Read it all, of course.
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