Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obama's Olympian Copenhagen Clusterf**k

I haven't commented on President Obama's Olympian Copenhagen Clusterf**k. Other people already have that quite well covered. Other people including Bill Whittle:

"Barack Obama is not accustomed to getting the kind of faceful of egg he was given at Copenhagen. I had hoped that this would be enough to perhaps persuade him to look at the results rather than the desire, and perhaps conclude that there is almost nothing — not even a really good speech — that can persuade people into acting against their own self interest, and that he might perhaps reflect upon the fact that instead of Oprah and the First Lady, Chicago would have better been served in my friend Scott Ott’s words, by sending “traffic flow specialists, civic engineers, architects, economists… all the experts needed to convince the IOC that Chicago was up for the task.”

In other words, lead instead of cheerlead. But this President seems incapable of doing that. I don’t know how many days he has spent actually behind the desk in the Oval Office as — you know — Chief Executive, but given the number of town halls, events, ceremonies and other on-camera activities I would be willing to bet the number is not large."

One thing I'd ad is that the president was not going to go to Copenhagen at all. The decision to make the trip was apparently very much last minute and at the behest of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, arguably one of the key people in making Barack Obama's political career possible. When he said "jump", our president asked "how high?" It's less than comforting to think that the ostensible Leader of the Free World can be still be prevailed upon to do the bidding of the Chicago Machine. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. Richard Daley will know, if anyone does, where the bodies are buried.

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