Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is It the Beginning of the End for Global Warming?

According to this post at Powerline, it very well could be. Read the whole thing.

Update: This post from Bob Krumm is interesting too. It's mainly about the immediate politicizaton of the tornados that swept over parts of the South earlier this week but he alos highlights what's wrong with our approach to the whole question of global warming:

"I’m not a GW-denier but I am a skeptic. I’m also a statistician and I haven’t yet seen the evidence that indicates the following:

1. The world is warming outside of normal variations
2. Man is a significant cause of that warming
3. On balance the effects of warming are more bad than good
4. Man can take steps to reduce the bad effects of the warming

All four of those conditions must be true before anything we do anything has any positive effect but only the first has any evidence to support it–and even that is inconclusive. Yet some people want to jump straight from #1 to #4. That’s preposterous. And it’s certainly not science."

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