Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fred Thompson for President

I'm a big fan of Fred Thompson and have decided to support him for President in 2008. In fact, I'm now a Friend of Fred. There's something just very down to earth about the guy that I relate to. I've actually only seen him act once, in "Hunt For Red October." I've never seen the legal drama he plays in (in fact, I'm not even positive about what it's called. Is it Law & Order or Boston Legal?) but he was one of my Senators during the time I lived in Tennessee and I liked the way he represented us. I saw him in person just once, at the Davis-Kidd Boookstore in Green Hills one Sunday morning when I stopped by with the family to shop. We decided to have a bite to eat in the cafe upstairs and there he was, reading and enjoying his coffee and some breakfast. I opted not to bother him but we did exchange "the nod", so he knew I recognized him.

I saw this article at the American Thinker earlier today that pretty well describes what it is that I like about the man. He's a no BS type and bluntly straightforward. I like that quality in a politician because, well, he doesn't sound like a politician, just trying to talk without actually saying anything.

Please do investigate for yourself. I hope you'll agree with me that Fred Thompson is the best candidate for President.
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