Saturday, August 10, 2013

Texting and Driving–Lives Can Be Changed Forever, Or Ended “From One Second to the Next”

I’ve never understood why people text one another rather than talk. It seems to be a pretty that having a 5-10 minute conversation via text is a pretty inefficient way to have a 30 second conversation.  This video, via Slate, is a very powerful statement on the hazards of texting and driving. Lives can be devastated, or gone, in the blink of an eye due to one person’s inattention to what they should be doing; paying attention to the road. Talking on the phone while driving also increases the hazard, but I think texting is exponentially more dangerous.

If you are in the habit of texting while driving, or you know someone who is, you should watch this and see if you think any text is so urgent as to be worth yours or someone else's life.

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