Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Obama Administration Is Lying About Afghanistan, The Taliban and al-Quaida – Lara Logan to Better Government Association

The Obama administration would like us to believe that the war in Afghanistan is winding down and all is well, that the Taliban and al-Quaida are mostly wiped out and ineffectual, so we can exit. CBS war correspondent Lara Logan says otherwise and she should know something about it because she was the correspondent that was gang-raped by a mob of Egyptians in Tahrir Square in Cairo last year. I haven’t watched any news programs on the alphabet soup networks ( I generally refer to CBS as See BS) in well over a decade because I don’t trust anything I hear on them, so I’ve not heard Lara Logan speak before. I’ve definitely missed something. She gets what’s at stake and says that the Obama administration is lying to us (what else is new?) on where things stand with the Taliban and al-Quaida. If anything, they’re even stronger than ever. In a keynote address in front of the Better Government Association she lays out the case.  Watch this:

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