Sunday, September 02, 2012

Media Madness, and the Reckoning – Clarice Feldman at American Thinker

Clarice Feldman has a great round up over at American Thinker about reactions to the shameful, but not unexpected, performance of the MSM during last week’s Republican National Convention.  It isn’t just the outright falsehoods they peddle but the numerous sins of omission they commit when telling the whole story doesn’t advance The Narrative.

A prime example is the failure to cover speeches by minority speakers such as Mia Love, Republican candidate for Congress from Utah, Former Democratic representative Artur Davis, who actually seconded the motion to nominate Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC convention, Ted Cruz, Hispanic candidate for one of Texas’ Senate seats or Jane  Edmonds, the liberal democrat former Massachusetts Secretary for Workforce Development under Mitt Romney when he was Governor of Massachusetts. These inspiring people and others put the lie to the Left’s portrayal of Republicans in general and Mitt Romney in particular as racist, misogynistic bigots, so they were essentially air-brushed out of the convention.  

Go and read Clarice’s post and when you’re done, here are just a few of the speeches the MSM doesn’t want you to see:

Mia Love

Artur Davis

(related: Artur Davis: I know my speech was a success because MSNBC blacked it out.)

Jane Edmonds

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Anonymous said...

Good snag, Brother J! I caught them all watching C-SPAN and wasn't aware the MSM selectively edited some of the better speeches out.