Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Diplomad Has Returned

The Diplomad is, was, a dormant blog that I used to read about 6-7 years ago. Well, it’s back. The author is a now-retired US Foreign Service officer whose last post was Indonesia and who was there at the time of the 2004 earthquake/tsunami off the coast of Sumatra. He is a very incisive writer with not a lot good to say about our current foreign policy, liberal elites, NGOs the UN, etc. I’ll be adding him to my blogroll under the Daily Blog Patrol section. Just for an example of his take-no-prisoners style, read this post from Friday. A sample:

I had the misfortune recently of visiting a major university campus. I parked in the faculty lot. My Corvette was the lone representative of American vehicular manufacturing in that lot. I was awash in a tide of cars made in Germany, Japan, and Korea, or by their factories in the US, Mexico, and Canada. That Corvette with its NRA sticker stood out as it was surrounded Alamo-style by these foreign invaders and their Obama and their Co-Exist stickers. Don't get me wrong. I am all for consumers having options, and Americans should have the option to buy foreign cars. I was struck, however, talking to faculty and students by their defense of the Obama bail-out of the car industry and their ostensible support for unionized labor. They could not see the clash between how they spend their own money and how they force taxpayers to spend ours. For whatever reasons, these "highly educated" faculty and students buy cars made overseas or by non-union labor in the US, but insist that the taxpayers subsidize the UAW, which to a large extend caused the near collapse of GM and Chrysler.

You should read the whole thing, of course.


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Spot on, as usual, Bro J!