Friday, August 05, 2011

Rich Man, Poor Man - A Dose of Perspective from Bill Whittle

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Anonymous said...

Makes me way less afraid of being poor! Move to Europe? No way, man!

Megalass said...

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Catholic Church recognizes Seven Deadly Sins and also has a list of the Seven Virtues. Look at both lists and assign a party affiliation to each one: Social Justice weenies notwithstanding, both sin and virtue are matters of individual behavior and conscience. They are not group
activities. If a person behaves like a swine...or a Kennedy... his whole life and then explains to St. Peter that it's ok because he lived in a progressive society, he'll earn a ride on the fast elevator to Hell.

Sins /Virtues

Envy /Kindness
Greed /Charity
Lust /Chastity
Sloth /Diligence
Wrath /Patience
Pride /Humility

Democrats don't just tolerate the behaviors in the left-hand column, they reward them. We are all guilty of these sins at one time or another, but one side will rationalize them, normalize them and at election time, encourage them in order to win power.