Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Is Big Government? David Steinberg Has Answers

About three weeks ago I had some comments on downsizing the federal government and how it could be done by breaking the task down into lots of smaller tasks. Now David Steinberg, over at Pajamas Media, has compiled a list, or map of sorts of the federal government to make it easier to spot the redundancies. This should, in turn, make it easier to identify what to cut. Go and take a look, but his conclusion, speaking to the left, is worth noting:
What are we talking about when we talk about Big Government?

What is Big Government?

It is our time: It is oxidizing, the aging process applied to civilization and turning us to dust. Big Government is nothing less than the consumption of our very moment here on Earth, our lives spent creating and producing. Take our works and humanity, skim from the top, then the middle until we were not here.

No man’s time is another’s to waste, not politics but morality. This stupid, stupid list is our government, and the creators of this owe an answer to their benefactors — an answer to a question neither about the politics or the theory, as none of that is relevant to the actual government that exists as people working at the above agencies, being paid from the profits, and then the principal, of civilization. Simply, they owe us this question answered:

Are you proud?

Because you seem to be proud. Conservatives did not want a government made of these agencies, you did, and we now have them, a hundred years of liberal lifetimes spent creating. It’s yours and we deserve to know if you are proud of this structure — not the principles behind the structure, the ideals, but the actual structure. This is the government, now, crushing and wasting us, and rational men cannot be proud of what you have done here. Are you, and do you understand us?

A good question.
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