Monday, January 24, 2011

Thomas Sowell Has Something for Everybody Today

Two Blogs, two separate quotes from one interview that Thomas Sowell gave to John Hawkins at Right Wing News recently.

THOMAS SOWELL ON WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN WHEN BIG-SPENDING STATES RUN OUT OF MONEY: “They should go bankrupt. I’m looking forward to it.”
Glenn's observation:
"It’ll hurt people who have relied on their promises to pay. But so did what was done to the Chrysler bondholder"
At Samizdata, this caught the attention of Perry DeHavilland:
John Hawkins: Now, in recent years we started to hear more people calling to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Good idea, bad idea? What are your thoughts?

Thomas Sowell: Good idea

John Hawkins: Good idea? What do you think we should replace it with? What do you think we should do?

Thomas Sowell: Well it's like when you remove a cancer what do you replace it with?
Personally, I liked the following point about government employee unions:
John Hawkins: "Well, related question to that -- certainly we should allow unions in society. Should we be allowing government workers to unionize?

Thomas Sowell: "Oh, I don't know about allowing them to unionize, but they certainly should not be allowed to strike -- and there was a time when they weren't allowed to unionize. There's a whole atmosphere in which a strike is regarded as some kind of sacred thing. A strike is not simply a refusal to work. We all can refuse to work whether we're unionized or not. A strike is a refusal to let other people do the work that you refuse to do and I don't know why anybody should have that right

There's a lot more. Read the whole thing.

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