Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogger Has Taken to Eating My Posts

Blogger has developed a very annoying habit of eating my posts lately.  I'll spend a bunch of time posting and commenting on links and excerpts only to have large chunks of the post either be randomly rearranged or just disappear altogether when I hit the publish post button. It happens most often when I have already posted, then reopen it to fix paragraph spacing or fix a typo. I end up having to recreate large parts of my post. 

It happened again just this morning when I went back to fix a grammatical inconsistency in my June 23 post on Obama's narcissism. Everything after the "And:" between the blockquotes vanished. Happily, I remembered Google cache and sure enough the intact post was still there so I was able to copy the missing text back to the original post. I think I may just copy and paste the entire text of my posts to a Word document from now on before I publish, just to make sure that if I go back in to tweak aftwerwards, I don't find myself staring at a mostly blank composition window and have to start from scratch. It really is annoying and frustrating though. Has anyone else been having the same issue?

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