Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bill Whittle Says: Party Time!

Bill Whittle has just posted a piece over at Pajamas Media on why there's a Tea Party movement and what it means. He correctly warns against trying to form a third party, a sure way to make sure neither a Tea Party nor the Republican Party become permanent minorities. No, the Tea Party is a vehicle for pulling the wayward Repeublican Party back to its professed roots as a low tax, small government party. For the purists, Bill also warns that holding out for the perfect candidate, one that pushes every last one of your serotonin release buttons.

 "The question we should be asking – and did ask, it seems – is not whether Scott Brown is more conservative than Ronald Reagan. The question is whether or not Scott Brown is more conservative than Ted Kennedy or Martha Coakley.

He is, and by a very wide margin. That’s a win!"

Reinforcing that point is this one:

"Victory is a ratchet. To retake this country we need every gain we can get – no matter how small – and give up as little as possible. If Scott Brown – Republican Senator from Massachusetts – turns out to be the most liberal man in the Senate then we’re living in paradise. That’s why there’s a Tea Party. And that’s why being a part of the Tea Party movement is, when it is all said and done, just plain fun."

There's a lot more Bill has to say. There always is and it's all good. So go and read it all.

Update: The above is a script. Here is the video presentation.
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