Sunday, January 24, 2010

After the Storm - Four Peaks With a Fresh Coat of Snow

We've had a very stormy, rainy week here in Arizona. Of course the California coast got it far worse. We just got what was left over after the storms rolled through there, which is how it usually works. Bad weather is rare for us here. In fact we're kind of glad for the change of pace and we can always use the rain. There are other compensations too. Take a look at the view of Four Peaks, which is about 25-30 miles Northeast of us. We're at 1,400 feet MSL, Four Peaks rises to 7,500 feet so after one of these Winter storms we're almost always treated to a view of snow-capped mountains, even as we wander around the valley in short sleeves.

Note the palm trees visble over the rooftops in the foreground.

This is a view along one of the SRP (Salt River Project) canal paths which forms part of a network of walking and bike paths around town. And here are some canal residents......

All together, a very pleasant weekend.
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