Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rationalizing the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne - Matt Welch Takes Two Liberal Feminist Writers to Task

Matt Welch takes Joyce Carol Oates and Melissa Laffsky to task for suggesting that the life of Mary Jo Kopechne was a worthwhile sacrifice because as Oates writes: "Yet, ironically, following this nadir in his life/ career, Ted Kennedy seemed to have genuinely refashioned himself as a serious, idealistic, tirelessly energetic liberal Democrat in the mold of 1960s/1970s American liberalism, arguably the greatest Democratic senator of the 20th century." One who liked to tell and hear Chappaquiddick jokes.

Welch puts it in proper perspective:

"......the sentiment is a timely reminder of the seductive awfulness of political ideologies everywhere and always. The ends are always worth a few strangled means, especially to those wielding or sympathizing with power. If you're openly musing whether the unwilling, unjust sacrifice of an innocent is worth a broad set of alleged legislative improvements, you're not asking a morally challenging question, you're answering it."

You're not answering it in a way that reflects well on you either. In fact you're revealing yourself to be morally bankrupt.
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