Wednesday, August 19, 2009

O's "O" Gets Turned Around On Him

Glenn Reyolds occasionally likes to post the following chart showing the deficits under GW Bush and those projected under Obama:

(I'll point out one more time that as bad as the Bush era deficits were, they were on the way down until 2007. That's when the Democrats took over both houses of Congress and all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.)

Bill Whittle posted a video at PJTV the other day on Iconography, and how symbols can be turned around. It's definitely worth the 8 minutes you will take to watch it, but here is a great example of what he's talking about, the same chart as above but using Obama's famous "O" icon against him:


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Gunzip said...

Thanks, Jonathan!

Brother J said...

My pleasure Gunzip! Great stuff you have there. I won't drive nearly as much traffic to you as the professor though. Was that your first Instalanche?

gunzip said...

Back when I was a blogger (under a different handle) I had an Instalanche once. Now I've decided to let others do the text blogging and focus on graphics and other stuff.

I have other ideas, but this stuff takes longer to do then just posting text to a blog, so there's no telling when I'll have more...