Monday, July 06, 2009

Jonathan Swift Weighs In With a Modest Proposal for Planetary Traitors

Paul Krugman has declared that those who oppose the Cap & Tax Trade legislation just passed by the House of Representatives are traitors to the planet. Jonathan Swift is in awe:

I must admit, as a mere scribe, I lack the wit to prove this case myself, but Professor von Krugman’s understanding transcends that of more ordinary humans, and so he must be right. It surely matters not that the matter under examination — the technique of weather control — is outside the area of study in which the professor has been accorded his prize. For if the world listens in awe to the pronouncements of beauty pageant victors upon philosophy, the affairs of nations, and other matters of general import, then why should Professor von Krugman not be granted equal credit for infallibility in all that he chooses to discourse upon? Certainly, given his celebrity otherwise, his indifferent performance in the swimsuit competition should not be held against him in this regard.

Read it all. Hilarious
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