Saturday, January 24, 2009

AZ Speed Cameras Recording Streaming Video

This article in the East Valley Tribune (AZ) today reveals the fact that the dozens of speed cameras installed along the states highways over the last few months by Redflex Traffic Systems aren't just snapping picutres of cars traveling 11 mph or more over the speed limit, they are recording continuous streaming video of all vehicles passing by and the system is capable of scanning in each and every license plate, allowing the government to know where everyone is going to or coming from at all times, a fact that was conveniently withheld from lawmakers and the public.
"....But the discussion Quickly turned after [DPS Commander Thomas] Woodward revealed that Redflex actually had round-the-clock videos from each of the fixed and mobile cameras. [State Rep Andy] Biggs said that little bit of information has been kept from both lawmakers and the public.
"At the bare minimum, everybody should be made privy to the fact that if you're driving on everybody's highways, we're taping you, 24/7, and we're going to hold it for 90 days" he said." "
We have the beginings here of what my friends the Samizdatistas would call the "Panopticon State". Very Big Brotheresque.
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