Thursday, October 09, 2008

Barack Obama's Questionable Associations

I've been aware of the ties between Barack Obama and William Ayers for some time but apparently not many other people are because they get their news from the MSM, which is not doing its job and probing both candidates in depth. In fact, they have very assiduously avoided pursuing any story that has the potential to reflect badly on Obama. This McCain campaign video will give you the background.

The voice-over refers to several bombings carried out by Ayers' organization, the Weather Underground. One of those was a judge's house. The story of that incident, as told by the judge's son is here. After first trying to minimize his relationship with William Ayers as "some guy who lives in my neighborhood," Obama is now trying to justify it on the basis that he was only 8 years old when Ayers and his terrorist group were carrying out their attacks. John Murtagh, the judges son, was only 9 when the Weathermen tried to murder his entire family.

The issue with the Obama/Ayers relationship isn't, as some are trying to paint it, implying guilt by association but the fact that Obama is hanging out with someone who is proud of his terrorist acts, has never paid any meaningful price for them and has stated that he wouldn't rule out doing it again. Like it or not, we are all judged by the company we keep and Obama keeps company with some very bad people.

Update: A deleted scene from the movie "Indoctrinate U" tells more of the Ayers/Weathermen story.
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Straight Talk on McCain said...

Interesting. What about McCain’s friendship with G. Gordon Liddy, who has admitted in his autobiography to plotting the murder of several people, never mind his Watergate conviction. Or what about his friendship with Charles Keating. Or what about McCain being on the advisory board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom which was associated with the death squads in Latin America. Then there’s that convicted felon who McCain said was a role model for young Americans. It happens to be McCain’s father in law who used mob ties to get his business started.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sad for people like you who no longer distinguish themselves as Americans and instead look for false rumors to divide the country. You really need to evaluate yourself and your moral convictions so that you understand who has terriorist ties and who has "questionable" ties, and how close those ties actually were. Research yourself on non-partisian souces and not paid for sources, like NBC.