Friday, April 25, 2008

Recommendation: Excellent Bluetooth Headset

I don't spend a lot of time chatting on my cellphone and I especially don't like to use it when I'm driving, even if I am hands-free. It's not what you are doing with your hands that's the problem, it's what you are doing with your brain. However, there are times when it is necessary to have a brief conversation and anything that makes it easier to expedite it is welcome.

A month or so ago I bought an Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset on the recommendation of a friend. It's distinguishing feature is a noise cancellation circuit. In a noisy enviroment such as a car, or even the waiting area at an airport gate, the noise cancellation feature takes out most of the background noise, both for you and the person at the other end of the call. The friend who recommended it to me would call from an airport and I could hear nothing but him, loud and clear. In addition to the noise cancellation technology, the headset features several interchangeable earpieces, so you can get a custom fit to your ear, and four additional ear loops, two for each ear, so the headset will hang over your ear and stay snugly in place, whichever side you prefer to wear it on. I bought mine at Amazon at a discount of roughly 50% from list and at least 30% from what I saw it selling for at a local store. I highly recommend it to anyone who has to spend any time talking on a cellphone. Here's the link to Amazon. Go check it out for yourself.

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pbda said...

I took the lizard's advice and ordered a Jawbone from took about three days to arrive; impressive.

I am a very heavy user of my mobile phone, and much of its use occurs in my car on long (three hour or so) drives. Background noise is always an issue, even with the windows closed.

The Jawbone replaced my Motorola H-700 headset. In comparison, the Jawbone is better built and designed than the Motorola, which is incredibly flimsy and cheap in appearance (and also ages very poorly...mine died after a year's use).

The negatives: The Jawbone is larger and heavier than the Motorola, takes longer to charge with its annoying proprietary charger, and is much more expensive than the Motorola unit.

The positives: The Jawbone works far, far better, providing higher volume and a clearer connection. The sound is even better for those on the other end of the line due to the noise-reduction circuitry: I went from my office, outside to my car and was driving for 20 minutes before I mentioned to my wife that I had changed locations; she told me that she had no idea that I'd been moving, and had assumed I was still in the office. Excellent performance.

Battery life seems fine (bear in mind, I've only owned the thing for a week). I'm glad I upgraded: It's more expensive, but at this stage I'd say that it is certainly worth it.