Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Open Borders/Amnesty Crowd Should Read This...

Mark Steyn's weekly column in the Chicago Sun Times is particulary on point this week. It's about the practical consequences of not doing anything about our porous borders. The Democrats see illegal immigrants as a source of future votes, businesses as cheap labor and the politicians of both parties want to pander to both. But now we have a case of three Kosovar Albanian brothers, smuggled into the country as young children, brought up in America, turned jihadi and now they've been arrested for plotting to attack soldiers at Fort Dix, NJ along with three other radical(ized) muslims.

We were lucky (again) this time. How many cases like this will it take before we get a clue and get serious about locking down our borders? I fear that once again, fear of being labled a racist stops too many from getting serious about this. It is not racist to want to control your borders and know who you are letting in. Quite the contrary, when you are dealing with people whose professed aim is to kill as many of us non-believers as they possibly can, we'd better damn well know who and where they are.
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