Saturday, August 19, 2006

World's Biggest Windbags Thinkers

SMASH has a great post up about a conference of "the world's biggest thinkers" to be held in Berlin where 112 conferees will sit around a table and atttempt to come up with answers to 100 questions distilled down from a list of 10,000 questions submitted by people around the world. SMASH has taken the liberty of giving them a good head start by answering the first 20 (individuals do, after all, work far more efficiently than committees) for them with his trademark humor, accuracy and conciseness. Some of his commenters also have some good answers. I particularly like this from Tantor:

U.S.A.: If all the world's current goods were evenly distributed, what would we each have?

Not much. We'd have even less the day afterwards when everyone realized they couldn't keep what they earned and the rest learned they could get free stuff from the people who worked.

Go read the whole thing.
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Anonymous said...

Great site, Common sense stuff

Anonymous said...

I love the quintessential German question about "hypereconomization" ( Wie, bitte? )being the moral equivalent of terrorism. It brings me back to a debate I had in 1984 with a moonbat in Stuttgart. Plus ca change....