Saturday, July 01, 2006

RIP Acidman

(originally posted 6/27, toasted by Blogger 6/29)

One of my daily stops on Blog Patrol has been Acidman, a.k.a. Rob Smith. Rob passed away sometime over last Sunday night/early Monday morning. Rob was a cantankerous, politically incorrect and brutally honest guy who wore his life on his sleeve and a very good writer. We need more men like him and now we are one more short.

As difficult a character as he could be I think he was really pretty soft-hearted and it showed in the way he talked about is children, Quinton and Sam. There could be no question as to how much he loved them. It also accounts for how hard he took the betrayal of she whom we shall not name.

I never met Rob but did have a chance about 3 years ago. He was going to be at a blogmeet for Georgia bloggers up in Dahlonega. It was early Fall and I was still living in Georgia at the time. Rob put up a post asking if anyone knew what condition the foliage was in. As luck would have it I had just been on a little road trip through the North Georgia mountains and had taken some pictures. I sent a couple of likely suspects along to him so he could see for himself. I got a very gracious reply thanking me for the pictures and inviting me to drop in on the blogmeet and say 'hi.' I was going to be up in the mountains again, horseback riding with my daughter but even though I was passing close by I elected not to stop as I was running later than I thought. My mistake. My loss. I'm sorry now that I didn't do it.

Rest in peace old man. Maybe we'll meet at the great blogmeet in the sky someday.
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